Wrapped Up in the Moment

I unwrap the decrept Halls cough drop. There is a message.

Take charge and mean it. Don’t give up on yourself. Power through!

The message on the wrapper catches my attention, and I can’t help but wonder if it’s more than just an insignificant piece of advice. At our most opportune moments when we truly are wrapped in the present moment, we find that little things often hold unexpected wisdom. And those who can find connection in the unexpected are some of the most powerful people in the world. This simple cough drop wrapper might just hold the encouragement I need in this moment.

The words resonate with me at this moment in time where I enter a new unknown, seeking stability over hype. Sometimes, life’s challenges can feel overwhelming, and the path ahead might seem uncertain. It’s during these times that a message like this can be a guiding light, a reminder that strength comes from within, and perseverance is key.

My gaze falls upon the wrapper again. However, something seems amiss. One corner of the wrapper is torn, and a fragment of the message has been lost. “Don’t waste a precious minute.” What could have been the complete message, encouraging me to seize every moment, is now a truncated piece of advice that hints at the importance of this moment in time.

It’s funny how life can imitate art, even in the most unexpected ways. This torn wrapper becomes a metaphor for the way we often approach life – sometimes, we let the little setbacks, the “ripped corners,” define our experiences. We dwell on missed opportunities, failures, and imperfections. But just like this cough drop wrapper, which still bears a meaningful message despite its imperfection, our lives too remain full of potential and purpose.

Life’s journey is paved with moments, big and small, that shape us into who we are. We have the choice to embrace challenges, to take charge with unwavering determination, and to never lose faith in ourselves. It’s a reminder that even when things don’t go as planned, even when parts of our journey are torn away, we can find meaning and strength in the journey itself.

So, I let the message from the Halls wrapper sink in, as I let the effects of the honey soothe my body. I decide to carry these words with me as a source of motivation – a reminder that taking charge of my life and persevering through its ups and downs is a testament to my inner strength. The torn message becomes a call to action. Life is indeed fleeting, and every moment is a gift. Instead of fixating on what’s been lost, I choose to focus on what’s left, and how I can make the most of it.

I crumple the wrapper in my hand, fully aware now. In the past I would have kept the wrapper and taped it to my wall next to my office area. Now, as I begin to integrate more with the digital world, I am now the person that throws the wrapper away. I gained its wisdom, I actualized it into digital verse.

And this is how I live moving forward. Making the most of each precious minute.